How to: Pack your garden decor gifts when travelling

How to: Pack your garden decor gifts when travelling

As much as I love buying gifts for people, knowing I have to lug them with me when travelling can be a barrier.

I get it.

Packing is hard enough as it is without taking gifts into consideration.

We are experts at packing our products.

If you're a visual person, check out the video I've put together. In my example I have showcased our kangaroos, as these are both one of our largest items as well as the most popular for overseas travel.

For more details, keep scrolling & I've written it out for you to save for later.



Here are our top tips for packing &  travelling with our products:

1. Our items are flat, and we recommend putting them at the bottom of your suitcase (especially if you're packing our larger items). This will prevent pressure points that can cause your item to bend. For any items with fine details a piece of backing cardboard is highly recommended.

2. Use the packaging it arrived it.  Our large A2 size boxes fit snugly in a regular suitcase. It will both protect your items as well as prevent any contact rust from rubbing on your clothes (if you've started the weathering process)

3. Use bubble wrap.  If you buy a lot online like I do you're bound to have spare packaging materials lying around. Or if you haven't started weathering your items yet feel free to wrap them in a towel or a other soft item, just to stop them from moving around too much in the suitcase.

4. Use shopping bags.  I always have plenty bags lying around from click & collect grocery shopping.  These are perfect for keeping small items together to prevent them from moving too much during transit.

When travelling overseas we do recommend you take weight into consideration.  On average, our large animal signs average 1.2-1.4kg each. Our kangaroo family of 3 is around 2.2kg and our individual garden ornaments average 500-800g.