How long will it take for my sign to weather?

How long will it take for my sign to weather?

Weathering Tips

It's our aim to get your sign or decorative metal art to you as quickly as possible, so unfortunately it isn't possible for us to pre-weather them. This means your item will be in its raw form - the traditional grey steel colour.

It doesn't take long to develop the beautiful rusty patina on your item, most will look pretty good within just a couple of weeks. However, to be fully sealed and for your product to stop leaking any rust, does require 3-6 months.
We have experimented with a few different options, and these are our top tips to speed up the weathering process.

💧 Water your sign at least daily

Just regular tap water is perfect. We were spoiled over winter with lots of rainy days speeding up this process.  In Spring, even dewy mornings will help kick-start the process.  In the height of summer we tend to water twice a day - once in the morning and again at sunset.

💦 Keep your sign flat so the water sits on it longer

We've noticed a big difference in the speed of weathering between our items that are flat vs standing up in our garden. If you notice pooling to one side, rotate the piece semi-regularly (weekly) for a more even finish.

A natural surface is best (wood or flat on the ground). Avoid plastic, as this can leave marks.  Also avoid white surfaces in the short-term until the item is sealed & stop leaking rust.

 🌥 Keep your sign out of direct sunlight, allow it to dry slowly
If the water sits on your sign a little longer before evaporating, it will speed up the process ever so slightly. This is why we recommend a sheltered spot out of direct sunlight. However, we understand this is not always possible.

Also note that metal in prolonged direct sunlight will get hot to touch - this is something to remember when deciding where to place your sign or ornament.

And if you're more of a hands-off person?
Don't worry - this will happen naturally by simply leaving your item outside, it may just take a little longer.