Myth: My garden is too small for metal art

Myth: My garden is too small for metal art

Myth busting time: “My garden is too small for garden décor”


Whether you are on acreage, have a large backyard, a small backyard, a courtyard or no backyard, there is no reason for you to miss out on decorative metal art. I've put together a list of options specifically for those with small (or no) backyards:


🦖 Metal Minis: at a maximum of 20cm long/high they are ideal for small fairy gardens, creating a miniature Jurassic Park (or mixing with our larger dinos for scale), as well as for a decoration for your pot plant, whether that be indoors or out.

Tip: They can also be added to plants you give as gifts for an extra special touch.


🐦 Small Decorations

Not all garden décor is large. Small birds and other animals like rabbits or our bilbies, as well as small dragonflies and butterflies are all suitable for either a small yard, garden beds or planters.


🦋 Vertical Space

If you don’t have the horizontal space, you can also look at your vertical space. Tree spikes are ideal for this. You can stake into wood fence posts or veranda posts. You can also use butterfly silhouettes to make beautiful wall art.


🐝 Indoor Gardening

If you’re in an apartment or don’t have an outdoor space there are so many options for indoor plants & gardening. Have you ever thought about changing out the generic trellis that comes with your climbing plant? Even a simple switch will give your plant a new style and small personalised touch.


The options for small gardens are not limited by size - only your imagination and creativity! Which of these tips will you be implementing in your garden?