Shop and SAVE on our range of high quality custom signs & metal garden art and transform your outdoor space into a mini oasis. Created from maintenance-free weathering steel in South Australia - we have a wide range of designs & custom options to choose from.

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20% off Garden Art

Imagine you step into your garden, surrounded by vibrant blooms and lush foliage, yet something feels missing. Despite nature's beauty all around, there's a sense of longing, a desire to add that special touch to elevate your outdoor space.

We love how metal garden art blends with the natural landscape and the greenery already in place to create a visually stunning contrast that breathes new life into any outdoor space.

Below are some of our top picks as the perfect addition to any garden - big or small!

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20% off Shut the Gate signs

How many times has someone left your property and didn’t shut the gate?

Before you realise it, your dog is chasing down the car, trying to say one last goodbye.

See, it’s all fun and games until you have to chase your animal back onto your property because a gate was left open.

To make sure that no gate ever gets left open again take a look at our ‘Shut the Gate’ animal signs. 

We thrive on helping you find the right style to suit your home & to keep your dog, horse or other livestock safe.  These signs are guaranteed to grab the attention of everyone at home and ensure the message is read loud and clear.

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Not sure where to begin? Check out our Best Sellers.

Decorate your garden with our popular little Fairy Wrens and magpies or add a little Australian touch with our koalas and kangaroos. Or have the most organised garden with our Garden Name Stakes & Fruit Tree Labels (yes - 15% off our already discounted bundles!) If you're looking to be organised for Father's Day, check out our range of Shed Signs for one-of-a-kind gifts.

Limited Time Only: Save $10 on our Dog Garden Features

Our Dog Garden Features have never been included in our sales before - don't miss this opportunity to celebrate your furry friend. All of our Dog Garden Features sit 60cm tall and are cut from 3mm weathering steel for a little extra stability. They are 100% maintenance-free; no grooming, feeding, walking or cleaning up after them required.