5 Tips to Keeping Livestock and Pets Safe on Your Property in Australia

5 Tips to Keeping Livestock and Pets Safe on Your Property in Australia
Keeping livestock and pets safe on your property can be challenging. Whether cattle keeps getting out and wandering onto your neighbour’s property or your dog would prefer to take himself on a walk, we’ve put together five tips to keep your animals safe. 

Provide secure shelter 

The number one way to keep your livestock and pets safe on your suburban property or large farm is with secure and reliable shelter. Australian weather is unpredictable, and animals need a place to go and sleep at night. Furthermore, shelter is necessary to keep livestock happier, more productive and relaxed. The shelter you choose will depend on your animals but include barns, sheds, solid fences, tree belts and more.

Invest in shut the gate signs 
More often than not, pets and livestock can get out when you forget to close the gate. But with custom shut the gate signs, you’re guaranteed to keep the gate shut and your animals safe. Shut the gate signs are also especially helpful if guests or employees are tending to livestock frequently. It’s a simple and easy reminder to anyone who encounters the animals to always shut the gate behind them. 

Install a security system 
In addition to custom signs and secure shelter, a digital security system is an extra layer of protection to help keep your rural property safe. Whether it’s thieves looking to take expensive farm equipment or animals have wandered off, security cameras are an easy way to have eyes on your property when you can’t be there. Some options include Land Watch Australia or Outdoor Cameras. They use solar power and provide digital images straight to your phone. 

Update animal identification tags
If your furry friends escape your property, identification tags are a sure way to be reunited. So, make sure to keep identification up to date and find a safe and organised space to keep all their necessary documentation together. That way, if anything goes wrong, you know where to look and can get on top of the problem quicker. Tags can include microchips, branding and more. For more on animal identification for farm animals, check out this article here

Create a natural disaster plan 
While there are many benefits to running a farm in Australia, we experience temperamental weather that can cause sudden natural disasters. To keep your livestock and pets safe, make sure to create a natural disaster plan that accounts for all possible situations. The plan should include how to prepare when you receive a weather warning, what happens during the disaster and how to care for animals should you need to evacuate. 

Final Thoughts 
Keeping livestock and pets safe on your property in Australia requires planning and investing in the right equipment. But with these five tips, you can rest assured that your animals are safe. For custom shut the gate signs made in Australia from locally sourced materials, contact us for a custom sign quote.