6 ways metal decorations will enhance your garden space

6 ways metal decorations will enhance your garden space
Our home is our sanctuary, and our garden is an extension on that. It is a place to relax. A place to enjoy (either alone or with friends and family).

But sometimes a garden can feel bland, or like it’s missing something. Garden decorations are little pieces of artwork that showcase your personality and add your own special flair to a space.
Here are 6 ways that metal garden decorations help enhance your garden space:
1.     Adds a different colour to your garden
Our metal decorations weather into a beautiful rustic patina that contrasts beautifully against green and the bright colours in your garden.
2.     Adds a different texture
There is a reason metal garden art and sculptures are so popular, and the contrast in textures in one of them – a beautiful juxtaposition of the softness of nature against the hardness of metal. 
3.     It can fill a gap where plants are unable to grow
Got a spot in your garden that is forever flooding & too wet to grow anything? A spot that is too shaded or a spot that is too sunny? Metal decorations don’t care about the quality of the soil they are placed in!
4.     Low-maintenance
This is my personal favourite. I am a black thumb and forever forgetting to water plants, so am always open to low maintenance garden ideas! The fact that our metal decorations require no maintenance at all is a huge win for me. (Our metal sunflowers are the flower I keep alive the best!)
5.     Adds height to your garden
This is a shout out specifically for our tree-staked birds. While a lot of garden ornaments are low in your garden, our tree birds will draw attention at whatever height you choose to display them. You can choose between a tree or a wooden fence or veranda post – you have a variety of options to choose from.
6.     They’re fun!
We’ve saved the best for last & this is the most important one. They can make your garden fun! Whether you are a grandparent who watches their grandchildren go for a scavenger hunt around the garden when they come to visit, or if you just love the quiet peace of watching the live birds hop around your garden and inspect their metal counterparts – make your garden shine your personality!
Whether you have a small garden or a large garden, or are on acreage – check out our range metal garden decorations, we are certain there is something to suit. Or if you’re after something truly amazing you’re welcome to contact us for a special custom one-of-a-kind piece to feature in your garden!