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Corten Steel & Weathering Tips

Amy Sumner | 06 February, 2022

            Corten Steel & Weathering Tips

Have you been looking through our items and wondered to yourself what corten steel is and looks like?

“Weathering steel is usually referred to by its trademark name COR-TEN (or simply Corten) and is known for its superior corrosion resistance and thickness. This is because the surface of the steel forms a protective oxide layer when exposed to the weather. In other words, the steel is allowed to rust in order to protect itself. This protective surface layer continues to regenerate over years of exposure.”

Have you purchased one of our corten steel signs but are stuck waiting for it to weather? We’ve shared a couple of tips below on how to weather your sign a little faster to get that beautiful rustic finish.

  • Water your sign at least daily (with regular tap water)
  • Keep your sign flat so the water sits on it longer
  • Keep your sign out of direct sunlight, allow it to dry slowly
  • A humid environment is the ideal to weather your sign the fastest

Even if you do none of these things, as long as you leave it outdoors, your sign will continue to weather – it may just take the full 3-6 months.

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