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Heart Plant Trellis


While it's a common fact that all a mum wants for Mother's Day is time with the family, we've found that it's often easier said than done.  So to help, we designed our Heart plant trellis cut from 3mm black acrylic and supporting a climbing plant.  While this adorable piece of decor will only warm your heart, now you can also say that it can support your indoor climbing plant (who will be sure to appreciate the attention). 

  • Laser-cut from high quality 3mm acrylic
  • Locally made in the Adelaide Hills
  • Provides the support climbing plants need to thrive.
  • A great decorative addition to your pot plants.
  • Allows better access to sunlight for all parts of the vine.

    Small: 30cm high (for pots up to 15cm)
    Large: 43cm high (for pots 12cm and bigger)

    Our indoor plant trellises will be cut in 3mm black acrylic for a beautiful contrast against a green climbing plant. However, please contact us if you are after an alternate colour.

    Pictured: 30cm heart trellis in a 12cm pot.

    Installation Tips:
    We recommend installing your trellis shortly after watering your plant, as this softens the soil to make it easier to insert.

    We suggest using another tool (such as a screwdriver or a pencil) to make room in the pot for the trellis to avoid  damaging or breaking your new trellis if the soil is too compacted.  Dig gently into the soil to avoid any damage to plant roots. If you are worried, or if the plant is root bound in the pot, then insert trellis while repotting.

    Insert the stakes of the trellis carefully and slowly into the holes you created. Use two hands on either side of the stake to do this.

    DON’T push on the top or push/pull on the sides of the trellis, and don’t force the stakes into the soil if there is resistance (i.e. very dry or compacted soil). The trellis is made out of acrylic which is durable, however, can snap easily if bent.

    Next, wrap your vine plant around the trellis and style as you wish. If needed, clips or ties can be used to secure vines.

    Only clean your trellis with mild soapy lukewarm water using a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

    Note: This order is for the trellis only - plant and pot are not included. Our plant trellises will arrive in their protective coating to prevent scratches during transit. Simply peel this off before installing your new trellis.

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