5 Pet Memorial Ideas to Remember your Special Furry Family Member

5 Pet Memorial Ideas to Remember your Special Furry Family Member

Saying goodbye to someone you love is painful, and grieving is entirely natural, whether the loved one had two legs or four. Wanting to have a pet memorial (something that reminds you of your furry friend) is an instinctual part of the mourning process.


Having some kind of keepsake to remember your pet after death is important to many people. It can be as simple as holding on to your pet's favorite toy or collar. You can also turn something old into something new – for example sewing together your dog’s favourite blankets into one big blanket. 

Consider these inspiring pet memorial ideas to honor your furry friend.


  1. Pet Portrait

Commission a one-of-a-kind special portrait of your pet.  While photographs of our pets are special, there is just something else about hand drawn artwork that elevates it to the next level. We love local artist Art by Korossy. She does beautiful wildlife artwork, and her pet portraits are an amazing quality that truly capture your pet’s life.


  1. Custom Grave Marker

Whether or not your pet has been laid to rest in your yard, a grave marker or a custom pet memorial sign is a beautiful way to honour your pet.  Custom Steel Appeal have several options you can choose from.  A perfect addition to any outdoor space to show how much you care, our Pet Memorial signs come staked to allow for easy placement as a grave marker, or in their favourite place in the garden.


  1. Personalised Mug

We all have hundreds of photos of our furbabies, so take a few of the best ones and turn them into a personalised mug. It is a creative way to keep your pet's memory closeby and remember the furry face that greeted you every morning. There are many photo gift printing companies online – from Officeworks, Snapfish, Harvey Norman, Kmart and more. 


  1. Memorial Tattoo

Pet memorial tattoos are a popular choice for animal lovers who want to make a permanent tribute to their most loveable member of the family.  Just as tattoos are popular tributes to deceased loved ones, owners often get portraits or paw prints inked on their skin to remind them of their everlasting bond with their pet.

Before you get inked, you should do your research and choose an artist that specialises in animal portraits. Animals are easy to mess up if you get tattooed by someone who doesn’t do them often. The last thing you want is a tribute to your beloved pet that is unrecognisable, so choose your artist wisely.


  1. Christmas Tree Ornament

Pet memorials don’t need to be expensive. A Christmas Tree ornament in the shape of your special furry family member is a simple way to remember. Personalized with their name, it will being back wonderful memories of the times you spent together when you decorate your tree each year. They also make a thoughtful gift if a loved one has lost their pet.


Your dog or cat may have been a loyal companion for years, know that pet grief is healthy. It is normal to want to honour them in a way that keeps their uniqueness alive when they are no longer here. A pet memorial is a normal part of the grief journey, to honour your pet’s life, cherish the wonderful memories shared with your pet, and to help ease the sense of loss.

We hope this has given you some pet memorial ideas to consider, to maintain that special bond with your fur child.  If you are after a custom piece to honour your pet’s life Contact Us and we will help design a one-of-a-kind piece..