Three Creative Ways To Garden When You’re Renting

Three Creative Ways To Garden When You’re Renting

Three Creative Ways To Garden When You’re Renting

(or just have a small yard)

Creating a garden at your rental property can be tough. For one thing, if you're in an apartment, townhouse or unit, you probably don't have much outdoor space to speak of. And even if you do have some outdoor space, it's likely that it isn't the prettiest. On top of all that, your landlord might get cranky if you make changes to the property without permission—so what are you supposed to do?

The good news is that with a little bit of ingenuity and some inspiration from local gardening stores and blogs, you can create a garden that will survive when you move on to your next place. Here are our favourite tips for creating a great garden in your rental property:


#1: Use garden ornaments, or garden art

If you’re lucky enough to have a small existing garden, add a touch of your own personality with garden ornaments or metal art.  These rusty metal garden ornaments won't take up much room on your, but they'll add an unexpected pop of colour to an otherwise dull area. Use them in garden beds, pots, planters or anywhere else you can find that needs a little extra decoration. And if you want to take them when you leave, just pull them out and brush off the dirt.


#2: Plant in removable planters

If your landlord doesn't want you planting anything in the ground, another great tip is to get creative with containers. This will also allow you to take your plants with you when you move. Instead of regular pots and planters, consider using quirky containers—like old boots, buckets, watering cans or suitcases—to give your plants a home and add some character.


#3: Create an indoor garden

And finally—indoor plants! Indoor plants are great for renters because they're easy to maintain and compact enough for small spaces.  Indoor plants are great and can add a little bit of life to your home, as well as a sense of calmness and relaxation. But there is something special about being out in the garden, feeling the sun on your face, breathing in the fresh air and getting your hands dirty. 

When selecting your indoor plants, think about how much light the area gets, and what sort of maintenance you want to put in.  And you can even add a special practical decoration to an ivy or climbing plant with a beautiful trellis.


If you are renting then you may think that it is impossible to have a garden. However, with a little bit of creativity you can create some beautiful garden ideas that will allow you to enjoy gardening in a temporary space.


Still looking for more ideas? Get in touch – we would love to help.