What is Text Bridging?

What is Text Bridging?
Let's talk about Bridges (no, not the ones you can drive on!)
What are they? Why are they important?


Choosing a font is an important step in creating your custom sign. We have a couple of popular fonts that are used regularly, but they need a little tweaking before they can be cut.


The reason is: Text Bridges


Bridging is such an important part in creating a sign. Like a real bridge, it is what holds pieces to the main base of your sign. In text, it is what we put in place to make sure there center of the 'b', 'd', 'p', 'o' etc from falling through and leaving a hole.


We can also use bridging to join other elements of your sign to prevent them from falling through.


Creating 'bridges' in your text to ensure the middle of letters do not fall out when the sign is cut.


Are you a visual learner? Have a look at these example images.