Will my garden ornament fall over if it's windy?

Will my garden ornament fall over if it's windy?

Will my garden ornament fall over if it's windy?

Short answer is...generally no, but there are always a few variables that will make it either less or more likely. As we come into Spring and head out into our garden more often, these are a few things to consider when choosing where to place your garden decor.
🌱 Soil Type
💨 Location
🦘 Decor Size
🌧 Weather


Variable 1: Soil Type

Dry, loose sandy soil is great to stake into, but not very strong, whereas a hard clay or rocky soil can be tricky to stake into, but a solid base.


Variable 2: Location

Where you place your decor is up to you. Sheltered locations will see less weather and wind. For our larger items with 'feet', the slope of the ground plays a part in the stability.


Variable 3: Decor Size

Like in all things, smaller decor items will catch the wind less than our larger items.


Variable 4: Weather

Mother Nature has a lot to say. Consistent rain will soften even the hardest soil. Gusts of wind can blow unexpectedly - however these are usually the exception, not the rule.


Does it matter?

It's unlikely standard day-to-day weather will knock your decor over. We've had pieces go through a week of rain and high winds with zero issue. Our larger pieces have been blown over, but they are in the open and not on a flat surface (see the cover image!). Simply wait until the storm has passed and put them back in place.

Our garden ornaments are very hardy and specifically designed for the outdoors, so it is highly unlikely they will sustain any damage if knocked around in the weather.

What about damage?

While damage is unlikely, occasional scratches and bends in the thinner metal are possible. Scratches will be covered by further weathering, while you are able to bend it back into place by hand and re-display.
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